Are Polka Dots a New Trend or a Fashion Classic?

Polka dots seem to appear everywhere – on leggings going to work; a blouse worn on a lunch date; a dress teamed with a blazer off to a comedy club. But are polka dots a new trend or a fashion classic?


While the polka dot print did disappear for a while from the runways for several years, followers of fashion with their own sense of style typically bring out the polka dots at the first sign of spring. Now, big name designers such as Wes Gordon, Tory Burch, and Oscar de la Renta are including all kinds of polka dots – small, large, bright, bold – in their collections for spring and summer.


Since fabrics with polka dots first appeared in the 1840s, the spotted pattern has been worn by everyone, including the office worker, movie stars, and royalty – Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, to name just a few.


Of course we can’t discuss polka dots as a fashion classic without mentioning the dress Julia Roberts wore to the polo match in Pretty Woman – if you didn’t know when the movie was made you might think the brown and white polka dot dress walked off a runway last week.

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