How quality fabric influence on our satisfaction.

Before we start getting closer to the topic, let me first ask you a question.
Its a simple question but lets break it down by sections and see if it lead us to better and more fulfilling answer .
1) You like, how it looks on you. 
This is number one condition and for sure the most important one, at least if you like to follow fashion trends. Great design, technically accurate templates and professional sewing job is a key factor for stunning look of your next dress.
2) You like, how it feels on you.
You probably noticed that sometimes you wear one cloth more often that another despite that it might not be as beautiful than others you have. Thats because human senses when it comes to touch and feel is super strong and might directly influence on endorphin production by our brain. This make us feel comfortable and happy at the end, so when we open our wardrobe, our brain is using those memories of "touch and feel" to make our decision unconsciously.
3) You like, that it lasts.
Not all of you would agree on that, but lets be pragmatic here, when you buying expensive item, you want it to lasts more that one machine wash, rain or party, and you want it to looks great.
I might miss some of the minor reasons which could be totally individual to everyone, but at least 2 out of 3 answers will lead us to review how quality fabric influence on our final satisfaction with our cloth.
Lets review what means quality fabric first. I can separate this into a couple of simple topics to review:
- Health
- Feels great on skin
- Outstanding color properties
- Ability to maintain initial properties after wash cycles
The only reason we dive in such details, is because it directly could influence on how we enjoy what we bought. For example, chemicals which being used by some companies to grow or create fibre could cause skin rashes and different skin related illnesses. And poor manufacturing process could influence on how you feel this fabric on your skin. And obviously you dont wanna loose your favorite item after first wash.
Here, in ANNAFOXY we are spending lots of time and efforts when it comes to fabric. We believe that only the best companies with long successful history and credibility capable to deliver the fabric that could be used in our process.
When Anna choosing fabric, she always travels in person, spending lots of time with manufacturers. All fabric should be hypoallergenic, using only high quality fibre and have all genuine certificates to make sure the production  is safe.      
     This is actually become pretty tough process recently, because as you know, Italian industry being influenced a lot by Asian companies inside and outside. 
We love to use textile from companies like Chanel, Miu Miu, Dior and others, because they are absolute leaders when it comes to fabric and we can totally rely on their credibility and experience. Yes, they are expensive, but you are priceless too!!! 
Next one is FEEL. "It feels great... I love,how soft it is....It is very comfortable and I want to wear it again and again...."
   You probably heard that once in a while, but how to achieve this? ANNAFOXY is a painter who's using paint and canvas to create original piece of art.
    Fabric - is our canvas in this case, and along with great, design it creates our secret compound which attract fashion lovers all over the world. When we searching for fabric we touch thousand of samples. Anna personaly selecting fabric feel, which correspond for future item and its character. Cotton, linen, silk or wool, they all have different grades and feel. 
    Color, is another important topic when it comes to fabric. You probably heard the phrase ".... that color looks expensive...".This is not a myth, there is "expensive" and "poor" colors around us. But why is that? Maybe because it takes more effort to create that "expensive" color, but simple colors we could get pretty much for free.
     Color pigments are a complex world, and its quite challenging to create. Its not only about mixing colors and receiving a proper pattern but also to make sure that it doesn't alter fabric "feel", properties and still staying healthy and safe. 
     When you buying expensive car, all its components do look expensive including color, so same with fabric.
Before we make our decision about textile brand to go with, we perform different washing tests, to make sure that you wont be disappointed with our products after you wash it. Worth to say, that expensive apparel should be washed following special instructions. This is absolutely crucial for maintaining its properties.
Hope you've got an idea about importance of fabric in your apparel and how much attention ANNAFOXYpaying to this process.
Follow us, and remember, that "YOU DESERVE ANNAFOXY!!!!"

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