Street Style – Crossbody Bags and Belt Bags

Crossbody bags and belt bags make good sense for several reasons. They keep both hands free and go easily from day to night. Another thing about both these types of bags is that they are just as great for everyday wear as they are for travel.


Tips for Buying Crossbody Bags


Choose the size that is the most practical for you: too small and it won’t hold everything you need; too large and it might become too unwieldy to handle.

Street Style – Crossbody Bags and Belt Bags

Don’t overpack it. A stuffed crossbody bag will weigh you down.


Consider what features will be most useful to you. Do you want exterior pockets or interior organizational compartments or an attached keyring?

Street Style – Crossbody Bags and Belt Bags

When selecting a crossbody bag for travel choose one that is lightweight, water resistant, and will go with most of the items in your suitcase.


Tips for Buying Belt Bags


Select a belt bag that is stylish and practical.

For added versatility, choose one with a strap that can be adjusted for crossbody wear or can be removed to transform belt bag into a clutch.


The belt bag should be large enough for what you need to carry, but not appear bulky or oversized. This will allow you to conveniently wear it underneath a jacket or over a hoodie.

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  • wow, those bags are cute. Each of them fit there sizes and shapes. I also prefer bags that have different kinds of space in it. That can hold a huge amount of space. Those leather once looks more stronger than the ones made out of rubber. Thanks for this article.


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