Styling Your Wardrobe for Fall

Styling Your Wardrobe for Fall

Fall inspires us to change our wardrobes to reflect the cooler temperatures and shorter days. It’s all about long scarves, coats, sweaters, and boots. Fall fashion is also about looking good while keeping warm. When styling your wardrobe for fall, think classic lines, versatility, and quality over quantity.

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Reassess Last Fall’s Wardrobe


You are not the same “you” you were last fall. You’ve added to your accomplishments. You have developed different tastes. You’re more confident and decisive. Reassess last year’s fall wardrobe in relation to lifestyle changes and upgrade your fall wardrobe accordingly. Donate, sell or throw out anything in your closet you no longer like, doesn’t fit or you can’t remember the last time you wore it.


Fill in the Gaps


Take inventory and make a list of items you don’t have enough of such as blouses and pants. Include any items that need updating like your everyday handbag, outdoor jacket or shoes. Identify key pieces you can purchase now and those you will have to budget for. Factor in items you will need for Thanksgiving and other special events.


Choose Quality Pieces


Quality articles of clothing are generally manufactured from better materials using higher-than industry-standard techniques, creating garments that look better and last longer. Choose quality fall fashion items over quantity, and you’ll have a seasonal wardrobe that is both functional and timeless, with pieces that can be worn other seasons, as well.


Think about Colour


Selecting a predominant colour scheme will help you choose pieces that will play nice with one another. For optimal functionality and practicality, a neutral palette of blacks, greys, creams, and whites will allow you to mix and match more easily. Just add accent pieces in jewel tones or rich pastels for a splash of colour.


Fall Outerwear Must-Haves


Capes: A cape is perfect for fall because it provides the warmth of an overcoat with the flexibility of a lighter jacket. There are so many styles to choose from – draped, belted, worn like a jacket but without sleeves. Since they generally weigh less than a full-length coat, capes are ideal for wearing over an outfit that could be easily wrinkled.


Jackets: When buying a fall jacket, consider what you want the jacket for. Should it have large pockets, a hood, or fasten with snaps instead of a zipper? Choose the jacket length that suits your body type.


Long coats: This fall long coats have a dramatic feel, made from breathable materials such as wools and wool blends. Get one with a removable lining and it will keep you warm right through winter too.


Must-Have Accessories for Fall


Belts: Wide belts are making a comeback. Leather, embossed, big brass buckles – find a belt that will accentuate both you and your outfit.


Jewelry: Complete your outfit this fall with wide, dangling earrings and a boho ring or two or three! Oversized gold necklaces are also a great choice.


Knee high boots: An on-going trend, knee high boots go with almost any outfit from casual to dressy.


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