Tips for Accessorizing Your Outfit

For some of us accessorizing what we’re wearing can be a mystery. Particularly when we want to look good for a special occasion, accessorizing can even be stressful. The good news is there are no set rules for adding accessories to your wardrobe. For a fun and rewarding experience here are some tips for accessorizing your outfit.

Basics of Accessorizing


Accessorizing starts with whatever you are wearing. The outfit you’ve selected for work, for example, consists of a white blouse, dark green skirt, and black booties. Add studs or a pair of small earrings, black tights, and large tote to dress up your outfit for a day at the office.


You can wear the exact same outfit the same evening when you’re meeting friends for dinner. But you can make the blouse and skirt combo look upscale and stylish by choosing entirely different accessories. To make the transformation from day to night, swap studs for a pair of large, dangly earrings, plain, black tights for patterned ones, and a red clutch instead of the work tote.

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Types of Accessories


Accessorizing helps you to take the outfit you are wearing and elevate it to a stylish fashion statement. Five types of accessories every wardrobe should include are:


  • Belts – skinny, medium width, and wide
  • Shoes – flats, high-heeled pumps, low-heeled closed-toe, and over-the-knee  boots
  • Scarves – solid colour, bold print, lace fringed, pashmina, and blanket
  • Jewelry – earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, broaches
  • Bags – purse, clutch, tote, backpack

 winter fashions, accessories, shoes, bags, dresses, skirts, fashion, handbags, accessorizing

Many of these types of accessories such as jewelry, scarves, and handbags started out their lives as birthday presents or special occasion gifts. Adding sentimental touches to your wardrobe is a way to make any occasion special, even if no one else knows its significance except for you.


Your Accessorizing Approach


The best part of accessorizing is that is allows you to express your personality. Do you like to layer necklaces paired with an oversized face watch? You don’t like necklaces but you would never leave the house without multiple bracelets on both arms and a wide belt. Use your accessorizing approach to enhance what you’re wearing and feeling at the moment.


Less is more accessorizing:  If you like to dress up your outfit with a watch, one ring, one gold chain, and a handbag you carry with you wherever you go, you are most likely a “less is more” type of person. You prefer simplicity and elegance.

winter fashions, accessories, shoes, bags, dresses, skirts, fashion, handbags, accessorizing

More is more accessorizing: When you enjoy layering necklaces, wearing as many chunky and jangly bracelets as possible, and adding a colourful scarf to every outfit, you’re a “more is more” kind of woman. You love accessorizing so much you probably have more accessories than you do clothes.

Make a statement accessorizing: A “make a statement” accessorizing person typically falls somewhere in the middle of less and more. You like to accessorize with items of jewelry that are unique, bold, and high-quality. You tend to invest in pieces that are meaningful to you and that you will have for many years to come.


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