Ways to Celebrate Femininity this Valentine’s Day

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Society typically defines femininity through gender-specific roles, values, and behaviours. If we’re intelligent, assertive, strong, or independent, we’re not feminine. When we like to rewire the kitchen, fix a transmission or participate in extreme sports, we’re not feminine. But in today’s every-changing social environment, is there really one definitive definition? Whether you’re spending time on your own or with girlfriends or with that special someone, ways to celebrate femininity this Valentine’s Day are as individual and feminine as you are.


Stop and Smell the Roses


Take time for yourself. Often we take care of everyone around us before we stop and smell the roses for ourselves. Get a manicure. Go for a foot massage. Enjoy a full body spa treatment. Read a book while sipping a cup of tea. Walk a favourite trail where you can interact with nature. To reconnect with and rejuvenate your feminine side, while truly pampering yourself, the activity should use all of your senses.


Reflect on Our Relationships


The focus of St. Valentine’s Day is love, and love is all around us in a variety of ways. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to reflect upon our relationships – all of our relationships. Not only the romantic ones, but the relationships we have with siblings and other family members; our friends; even coworkers, neighbours and acquaintances. Is there a relationship in your life that needs rebooting, rethinking or refreshing?


In many ways, our relationships define who we are. Each person in our lives offers the opportunity to express kindness, compassion, empathy, sympathy, and consideration. Use the day we celebrate love to reflect on how to better communicate, resolve issues that are stumbling blocks, and reach out to those we haven’t connected with in a while.


Take a Vacation


Celebrate yourself and who you are by taking a vacation. It can be a staycation, weekend get-away or mental vacation. But taking a break where you are the leading character in your own play helps you spotlight your playful side. It can also be the ideal opportunity to redefine what’s important to you. Our everyday lives can really stress us out. Be creative with your downtime. Don’t have the time to get away? A mental vacation can be an effective de-stressor.

St. Valentine, femininity, vacation, celebration, Valentine’s Day, self-realization, dresses, skirts, fashion


Choose Clothes that Flatter


For whatever reason – self-concept, “dressing for success,” afraid of our own sexuality – many of us have gone through a period where we don’t select clothes that flatter our bodies. There is a definite link between clothing choices and emotional states. When we pick loose-fitting clothing or dress in unisex fashions in black, navy, or grey, we might be denying ourselves an avenue of expression that will make us happier in the long run. 


Choosing clothes that flatter boosts our self-confidence, engages our inner goddess, and connects us to our female identity. Wear a pink skirt, a black lacey dress, or a bold coloured, form-fitting sweater with cold-shoulder sleeves. It’s important to shed ourselves of the notion that if we display our femininity, we won’t be successful. Strong? Compassionate? Independent? The only person who should define what’s feminine is you.

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