What to Wear this Spring

The days are getting a little longer. Temperatures are warming up slightly. Spring is all about transitions – from dark to light; from cold to warm; from bare trees to cherry blossoms. As soon as winter loosens its hold on us, freed from the cold weather blues, we look for ways to renew ours spirits and our style. From bold colours to animal prints to maxi dresses, this year, spring fashions are characterized by classic looks that let you put your own stamp on them.


Trends to Look out for This Spring


Monochrome neutrals: Shades of beige, cream, ivory, pearl grey, taupe, and light brown are popular choices for a monochrome palette. To successfully wear head-to-toe neutrals, mix textures and tones of shades together. Another option is to wear neutrals in the same texture, but add a bold belt or pair of shoes for a pop of colour.

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Choose your own hemline: This season hemlines range from mini skirts to just below the knee to mid-calf to flowing maxi dresses. Reveal as little or as much leg you want!

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Wild animal prints: Animal prints such as snakeskin, tiger, zebra, and cheetah are being re-vamped for lighter materials and classic spring designs. Expect to see animal print jackets, shells and blouses, and flowing maxi skirts and dresses.


Floral prints: It wouldn’t be spring without floral prints! But look for them in bold shades, muted pastels, and soft neutrals.


Dressing retro: Jumpsuits in bold prints or neutrals have made a comeback. So have flare pants and patchwork jackets and shirts. 


Strive for Balance


The season might be spring but there still could be a chill in the air where you live. So, don’t pack away all of your warmer clothes just yet. One trick to wear spring clothes now instead of waiting for nicer weather is to dress in layers. Another clever way is to mix and match heavier-weight fabrics with lighter materials.


While the weather is cooler, combine a cozy ribbed turtleneck sweater in a neutral colour with an A-line polka dot skirt. Or a bold, solid colour silk blouse worn with grey wool pants might keep you warm but you can still feel like you’re shedding winter. For a layered look that allows you to take off or put on articles of clothing according to how warm or cool it gets, start with a sleeveless top, add a cable-knit cardigan with a corduroy skirt and leggings – you can take them off if it gets too warm indoors.


Step Lightly


Right about now, you’re probably ready to trade your cute ankle booties in for shoes that will make your feet feel freer and lighter. Flats are the popular footwear choice this spring for casual outfits, office wear, and semi-formal occasions because they can be as simple or as decorative as you want. Pair bold coloured flats with neutrals or solid neutral flats with animal prints, jumpsuits in bright shades, and floral print dresses or skirts.

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This spring have fun with shoes with heels. Watch out for embroidered pumps and sandals, pumps and open toes with a sculpted heel.



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