Personal expression in what you wear is key to getting the most out of every opportunity that comes along. Begin a new business venture! Move into your first home! Follow your own path against the status quo! Annafoxy believes beautiful is the starting point for life’s best moments. 


Anna has always liked to design her own clothes. She gets satisfaction from the process of creating a garment from fabric that looks amazing and feels good to the touch. After the birth of her second child, Anna wanted to pursue a new direction. She founded Annafoxy in 2015 as a place where women could find clothes that make them feel self-confident and beautiful no matter where there are or what they are doing


The creative force behind this luxury design studio prides herself on crafting bold, vibrant pieces that are both casual and chic. These exciting original designs reflect Anna’s personality and lifestyle: her fundamental conviction that the right outfit inspires inner beauty while looking beautiful on the outside.


The unique style and feel of Anna’s creative visions arise from her original designs, exacting attention to detail, and a passion for beautiful clothes and accessories that connect, inspire, and transform.